30-Day Clothes Challenge
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My 30-Day Clothes Challenge Pushed Me To The Edge But Was Successful In The End

Well, I did it. I completed a 30-day clothes challenge. I have to say this was a fun one. I had to pick from the clothes in my closet. I couldn’t buy anything new. And I had to wear something different for 30 days straight. In the pictures below you will see all the different outfits I wore. I however forgot on the last day to take a picture. How does that happen? If you know me then you aren’t surprised that I forgot something.

This pushed me to my limits especially when I ran out of jeans to wear—the one thing I noticed during this challenge was that I wanted to gravitate toward the same clothes. Now I know that I have so many options in my closet. And I can never really say “I have nothing to wear”.

30-Day Clothes Challenge
Days 1-16
30-Day Clothes Challenge
Days 17-29

Now to find another challenge to do. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.

Keepin’ it real,

Magan Outlaw

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  1. Success indeed! Nice & creative outfits – you look so pretty! You go girl!

    Sincerely, Misti Moorman Sent from my iPhone


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