7 Easy Ways To Use Baskets
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7 Easy Ways To Use Baskets Around Your House

Anybody that knows me knows I love to use baskets. So we have baskets all around our house. Below is just seven easy ways I use them.

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1. In Closets

I organized my closet last year and have these two baskets in there. The giant basket holds my comfy and running shorts (although I don’t run) and workout tank tops. The smaller basket contains my pajama shorts. And this is how I store them in my closet.

2. Baskets In Your Junk Drawer

There isn’t a person I have ever met that doesn’t have a junk drawer. So why not make the junk drawer work for you? These little baskets are perfect for them. I have them in several drawers. But, unfortunately, I’m an overachiever with more than one junk drawer.

Basket in Junk Drawer

3. In Your Medicine Cabinet

In our house, all the bathrooms have these kinds of mirrors. So I took the one in this bathroom-turned-laundry room and used it as a medicine cabinet. These are the same baskets that I use in my junk drawer. They fit perfectly in here. I can separate the ointments, colds, allergies, and daily medications.

Basket in Medicine Cabinet

4. Under Sinks

Under all of our sinks, you will find a basket. Here is the basket that is in our bathroom. You can put different sizes in there and have multiple ones under there. Do what works for you. Here are some ideas of what to put in them.

  • Hair products 
  • Soap 
  • Face Cleaners
  • Face Sponges 
  • Cleaning Supplies 
  • Brushes 
  • Extra toiletries 
Basket Under Sink

5. In Kid’s Rooms

My oldest son is a gamer. So we got him a new desk this past Christmas with two shelves. If you have a gamer, then you know they have tons of controllers, cords, and maybe even a headset. That is what my son has. I used a fancier basket for this project.

Baskets in Kids Room

6. Snack Baskets

If you are following me, you probably already saw my post about these snack baskets. If not, check it out here. And even if you want to use them differently. You can use them to organize your food. Imagine having a nice organized pantry.

kid snack basket
Kid snack baskets

7. Baskets For Workout Gear

I don’t work out a lot. But I love to collect workout things for when I decide to work out. Does anybody else do this? So I put these things in this little basket to keep them from being scattered everywhere. It holds my yoga mat, weights, resistance bands, and a massage gun, to name a few.

Workout Basket

These are just a few ways I utilize baskets throughout our house. Please let me know if you found these tips helpful in the comments below. And if you would like more information like this, please subscribe to the blog, and you will get an email each time a new post is up.

Keepin’ it real,

Magan O.

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  1. Okay YES to the baskets – I saw a TikTok about how this was an interior designers hack for keeping homes clean – have designated baskets for things around the house! Love that you use a variety too, not just going out and buying a set from the Container Store, etc. Use what you have. Goodwill always has so many good wicker baskets – I will definitely be picking some up to use in a few ways that you suggested!


    1. Oh yes I’m all about use what you got. Most basket I have I didn’t buy. They were either given as a gift or my mom was getting rid of them. I never turn down any kind of containers. This was just a fraction of the baskets I have in use. Maybe I’ll do a part 2 to the post.

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