30-Day Clothes Challenge

How is the 30-Day Clothes Challenge Going?

So far so good. I am changing the challenge a little though. As you could see in my previous post I have more than 30 items in my closet. Plus I don’t think I will get to wear much of the wintery stuff anymore. So instead of wearing everything in my closet in 30 days. I am going to wear a different outfit every day for 30 days. That will still be a challenge some days as I can’t repeat any item. I will have to get creative especially when I run out of jeans.

Day 2 of clothes challenge
Day 2: Navy dress with a beige cardigan
day 3 of clothes challenge
Day 3: Navy top with jeans and a cardigan (technically a green one)
day 4 of clothes challenge
Day 4: Plaid dress with a little scarf that came with it.

Here is real life for you. I totally forgot to take a picture for day 3. So after I took the picture for day 4 today I went and got the outfit out of the dirty clothes and put it on and took the picture. Just so you know I do not edit the pictures except for removing the background and putting this solid color behind it. Do you notice anything wrong? Day 2’s cardigan looks a lot like day 1’s. When I remembered to take the picture I was already in my pajamas and I had to grab the outfit out of the dirty clothes. I grabbed the wrong cardigan. LOL

Why couldn’t I just put the right one on and take another picture you ask? The free version of the app I use to remove the background only allows me three “background removals” every 24 hours and I used them all up on these three photos. I refuse to spend money on an app. But I promise I wore a different cardigan.

Here it is. And there is the wall I make disappear.

picture of missing cardigan

Keepin’ it real,

Magan O.

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  1. I absolutely love this. Thank you for making something that anyone can enjoy. I love the real and amazing pics with ideas. Can’t wait to see more.

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