My Kid Didn't Finish College

My Kid Didn’t Finish College…GASP…And It’s Not A Big Deal

As parents we all have a dream of our kids growing up, going to college, and having the career of their dreams. But what if that doesn’t happen? What do you do?


That’s what you do. You support them in their season of life. Your wants are not their wants. That’s a harsh truth I had to learn. My oldest started off at college and even got accepted into the college he wanted to go to. We moved him down there into the dorms and there he learned a hard valuable life lesson. If you don’t make yourself do the work neither do they. They politely asked him to leave after a year.

Did we freak out? No. Well, maybe a little at first. He moved back home and started working. That was a rule we created long before college. You can live in our house as long as you want as long as you are either in college or working. We never made him work while he was in school. A second rule we had was we would pay for college. He started out with the HOPE scholarship but lost it after the first semester. We got a student loan, but when he came back home it became his responsibility to pay it back.

Finding the silver lining

I will have to say after he came back home he was a HUGE help with his brothers. He picked them up from school and watched them all summer for us while we worked. I think sometimes things work out for a reason. We explained to him that he didn’t have to go to college, but we highly suggested if he was going that route then he needed to find a job now that he can work his way up in. That’s what I and his daddy have had to do in our jobs. And we have both been successful at it. It’s a long tough road but it’s doable. He started last year working for the company I do, and so far he really likes it.

Although we lost our babysitter we are thankful to have family members that have stepped up. I did notice that other people seemed to have a hard time that he wasn’t in school. He got a few lectures from some family members and I found myself at first trying to make excuses for him. A lesson I learned during this time is other people’s opinions about the matter should not affect me.

What does the future hold?

Will he go back? Maybe. That’s a decision he will make on his own. We will be there to support him no matter what he decides.

What about our other kids

The twins will be starting sixth grade next school year. They are in advanced classes already. This does not mean we won’t encourage them all along the way to go to college. Each kid is different. It’s not like we have completely given up. I will actually push the dual enrollment program on them more. I think there is great benefit in that program. We’ve learned a lot through the years having the boys so far apart.

Keepin’ it real,

Magan Outlaw

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  1. Wise response and advice! Not going to college shouldn’t be considered a failure, it is not for everyone. It takes both college and non-college professions to make the world go around!
    I’m sure he will find his way with support, maturity and time and I wish him happiness along the way!

  2. You are a great mom, none of us know what is right for someone else, Morrison is a very smart young man and he will do what he thinks is right for him..

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