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How To Save Money Using These 3 Apps

When it comes to saving money, every little bit helps. The three apps below are my go-to’s for saving money. They are easy to set up and start using right away. 

Money Saving Apps

  1. Ibotta
  2. Fetch
  3. Rakuten

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Ibotta App

Ibotta Apps

This one takes a little work, but the rewards are bigger. I make it a habit to go in weekly and check the stores I know I will be buying groceries from. There will be a list of all the items that you can get your money back on. Everyone’s list is different. Below is a video showing what it looks like.

Ibotta Video

All you do is add the check mark on the products you might buy. Please note that each grocery store has different offers. For example, Walmart might have an offer for Cheerios, but Kroger won’t have that offer. So it is best to check each one you shop at.

If you know you are buying a certain item, you can search for it in the search bar, and if it’s something they have an offer on, it will show you all the stores that are available for cashback.

I also will check this app before I go into any store just to see if there is anything that I might get cash back on. But don’t fall for the trap of buying something you weren’t going to buy just because you are getting some money back. That defeats the purpose of saving money.

You only have a week to scan your receipt to get the credit

If you are going into the store, you can also just wait till after you buy anything and then check to see if what you bought has any cash-back offers.

Additional Features

You can also link certain stores for online groceries. For example, I have my Walmart account linked to the app. So if I buy online or even use the debit card that I have linked in the store, it automatically gives me my cash back on the things I selected and bought. This is great for those times I forget to check before I shop. You generally have a month before offers expire.

If you are going to be shopping online for things other than groceries, you can select the store on the app and get a percentage of what you spend back.

Here’s the Link

The cashback that you have earned can be turned into gift cards or actual cashback. Use this link (use code: xinola), and when you submit your first receipt, we both get $10 in our accounts. 

Fetch App

Fetch Apps

On this app, all you do is scan your receipts and earn points. You can then turn your points into gift cards.

They also let you link your email to this app so you can get credit for online purchases, including when you order food on apps. The minimum points you can get with receipts is 25 points, but they run bonuses all the time.

I let the points accumulate all year long. Then around Christmas time, I will turn the points into gift cards and use them to buy Christmas gifts.

Here’s the Link

Use this link (use code: ANUGC), and after you snap your first receipt, we will both get 100 points.

Rakuten App

Rakuten Apps

This is similar to Ibotta’s online shopping. You select the store you are wanting to shop from, and you will get a percentage of what you spend back. If I am going to buy something online, I will compare this to the Ibotta app just to see which one is giving more cash back.

Raketen will run Deals of the Week, and they also have Hot Deals. Those will earn you more cash back.

This app pays out every 3 months via Paypal or by check if you select Big Fat Check. 

Here’s the Link

If you use this link and spend $30, we will both get $30 into our accounts. 

Bonus tip: Download the Amazon Shopper Panel app and get on the waitlist. Once you are selected to participate, all you do is just download 10 receipts (from anywhere) every month to earn $10. On the first of every month, they add your $10 credit to your Amazon account. 

Money Saving Apps Conclusion

By using all these apps, I have saved hundreds over the year. So when it comes Christmas time, I am ahead of the game and have free money to use. What will you use your extra savings towards?

Let me know in the comments below if you already use these apps or if you signed up with one of the links above. I would love to know how much it saved you throughout the year.  

Keepin’ it real,

Magan O.

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