You are more than a number
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Unlock Your True Worth: You Are More Than a Number

Girls, don’t let a number define who you are. Whether it’s your pants size, the scale, or even your age. You are so much more than that. Why do we put so much emphasis on these numbers? Let’s start looking at the inside of the person instead of the outside.

Pants Size Number

We all dream of being a specific size or weighing a certain amount. I know I’m guilty of it. But thanks to vanity sizing, we need to let that dream go. What is vanity sizing? It’s where a company has to change its measurements so that consumers fit into a smaller size. The fun part is not all companies follow the same measurements.

Case in point. I took these pictures just a couple of days apart. In the left photo, I’m wearing a size 4. In the right photo, I’m wearing a size 8.

Not a number


Don’t let the scale rule you, either. Did you know you can fluctuate 5 pounds in one day? It can be from water retention and/or inflammation in your body. So don’t get mad if you are up 5 pounds but also don’t get too excited if you are down 5 pounds.

If you constantly worry about that number, you could be causing yourself to retain weight. The stress of this number causes your cortisol to elevate, and cortisol prevents you from losing weight.

So step off the scale for a week, a month, or even a year (who else is singing the Friends theme song now).

I had in my mind that I wanted to weigh a certain amount. But you know what? As I got closer to that number, I ditched it. So that number doesn’t define me, and if I never see that number, so what.

My true worth doesn’t come from it, and neither does yours. So if you are kind, strong, healthy, or generous, it won’t matter if you carry around an extra 15 pounds.


Another number ladies hate talking about. I’ll tell you that I’m 43; to me, it’s just a number. I don’t feel like I’m 43. I might look it, but I feel way younger. And that’s what it is about.

It’s not how old you are; it’s how old you feel. I can’t wait to grow old. Like I want to be 100 years old. I always tell people I can’t wait to be a mean old lady. Then, of course, some say I’m mean already, but that’s not the point. HA!

Live your life and be who you are no matter how old you are. The days are numbered, and we must make the most of them.

It’s Just A Number

Refrain from fixating on a number that doesn’t matter. Those numbers don’t define who you are. However, there are numbers that we can fixate on.

How many times did you smile today?

How many people did you let know you love them or are thinking about them?

How many have you helped?

How many are better today than yesterday because you showed up and were your true self?

Keepin’ it real, 

Magan  O.

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